Our Fishing Season


Some years hand us early Coho Salmon action and world class Brown and Lake Trout fishing in near shore.  

May & Early June

Catches of 3-6lb Coho Salmon are common. Very fast action. We will often run rigs for Lake Trout and  Chinook (King) Salmon as well when fishing overlapping waters. This is the time of year to load up on Coho Salmon!

Late June & Early July

Variety time – Large Chinook Salmon and acrobatic Steelhead usually beginning to congregate – Coho getting larger and good numbers can still be caught. Lake Trout catches can remain very good. Best overall chance to catch all five salmon & trout species in a single trip.

Late July & August

Large, mature Chinook (King) Salmon in the 12lb-20lb+ range are most plentiful at this time and continued action for Coho Salmon can still be available. Heavy Lake Trout catches remain. Some years offer big hauls of Steelhead in the summer. Brown Trout can be available.

September & October

Transition time. The most beautiful time of season to be on the water. Best time for large Lake Trout on secret, offshore rock-reef structures. Brown Trout, Steelhead, and non-spawning Chinook Salmon available.